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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1984 Jun;22(1):11-20. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1984.22.1.11
Copyright © 1984 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
Study on sensory papillae of Metagonimus yokogawai cercaria
Jae Jin Kim,Duk Young Min and Chin-Thack Soh
Department of Parasitology, College of Medicine and Institute of Tropical Medicine, Yonsei University, Korea.

A number of studies on the papillae of cercariae of trematodes reported that the papillar patterns (or chaetotaxy) of cercariae might be an excellent method to attain better understanding of the digenetic trematodes (Richard, 1971; Short and Cartrett, 1973; Bayssade-Dufour, 1979). The present study was aimed to determine the number, distribution pattern and structure of the sensory papillae of Metagonimus yokogawai cercariae, and to elucidate the chaetotaxy of this digenetic trematode. M. yokogawai cercariae were pipetted from a vial in which infected snails (Semisulcospira libertica) had been kept for 3 hours. The snails were collected from an endemic area of M. yokogawai, Boseong river in west-southern part of Korea. Observations of papillae were based on light microscopy of those stained with silver nitrate, and on scanning electron microscopy. The results are summarized as follows: All papillae observed were uniciliated. Cilia in anterior tip were shorter than the others in other portions. The body papillae were arranged in essentially symmetrical patterns. Total number of the papillae was 126(63 pairs) in average; anterior tip 40(20 pairs), ventral 20(10 pairs), lateral 42(21 pairs), and caudal 8(4 pairs). The chaetotaxy of M. yokogawai cercaria was; C(I) cycle (3+3C(I)V, 2+2C(I)L, 2+3C(I)D), C(II) cycle(2C(II)V, 1C(II)L, 2C(II)D), C(III) cycle (1+lC(III)V, 1C(III)L), C(IV) cycle (1C(IV)V, 1C(IV)L) in cephalic region: A(I)(lA(I)V, l+2A(I)L, 1A(I)D), A(II)(1A(II)V, 1+3A(II)L, lA(II)D), A(III) {lA(III)V, l+lA(III)L, lA(III)D) and A(IV)(lA(IV)V, 2A(IV)L) in antacetabular region: 1M(I)V and 2M(I)L in median: 1+lP(I)L, 1P(II)L, lP(II)D lP(III)L, lP(IV)L and 1P(IV)D in postacetabular region: 2-2-2-2 in caudal region.


Diagram 1
Schematic diagram of various view of M. yokogawai cercaria based on LM and SEM. The vertical distances between each papilla (dot) were measured.

VS; ventral sucker(acetabulum) ES; eye spot

Figs. 1-4
Fig. 1. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) of Metagominus yokogawai cercaria. ×320.

Fig. 2. SEM of first caudal sensory papilla of M. yokogawai cercaria. ×9,400.

Fig. 3. SEM of sensory papillae of M. yokogawai cercaria on surface of oral sucker. Sensory papillae with short cilia are seen (arrow). ×5,000.

Fig. 4. Schematic diagram of oral sucker of M. yokogawai cercaria based on SEM. Sensory papillae were dotted. OS; oral sucker

Figs. 5-8
Fig. 5. Ventral view of silver nitrate stained M. yokogawai cercaria by light microscope (LM). Argentophilic sensory papillae (dots) are seen. ×400.

Fig. 6. Ventral view of M. yokogawai cercaria by SEM. Sensory papillae with long cilia are seen. ×1,140.

Fig. 7. Dorsal view of stained M. yokogawai cercaria by LM. Argentophilic sensory papillae (dots) are seen. ×400.

Fig. 8. Dorsal view of M. yokogawai cercaria by SEM. Sensory papillae with long cilia are seen. ×1,600.

Figs. 9-12
Fig. 9. Lateral view of stained M. yokogawai cercaria by LM. Argentophilic sensory papillae (dots) are seen. ×200.

Fig. 10. Lateral view of M. yokogawai cercaria by SEM. Sensory papillae with long cilia are seen. ×960.

Fig. 11. Caudal view of stained M. yokogawai cercaria by LM. Argentophilic sensory papillae (dots) are seen. ×200.

Fig. 12. Caudal view of M. yokogawai cercaria by SEM. Four sensory papillae with cilia (arrow) are seen. ×720.


Table 1
Dimension of mature cercariae of Metagominus yokogawai

Table 2
Number of papillae on bodies (except the portion of oral sucker) of M. yokogawai cercaria

Table 3
Chaetotaxy of M. yokogawai cercaria

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