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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1983 Jun;21(1):95-101. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1983.21.1.95
Copyright © 1983 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
Efficacy of mebendazole in treatment and control of trichuriasis in Korea
Byong-Seol Seo,Soon-Hong Lee,Jong-Yil Chai,Sung-Tae Hong and Sung-Jong Hong
Department of Parasitology and Institute of Endemic Diseases, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea.

Mebendazole was tested for its efficacy in individual treatment and mass control of Trichuris trichiura infection in Korea.

The results were as follows:

1. The efficacy of mebendazole in 430 cases 3 weeks after treatment with mebendazole(100-1,200 mg) was not so satisfactory (15.0~64.0 and 24.6~95.2% in cure and egg reduction rates respectively). But it was observed that the higher the total dose of the drug the better the efficacy.

2. The egg positive rate of the inhabitants in mass control programme by 600 mg mebendazole decreased form 40.0 to 5.6 % during one year, May 1982-May 1983, by repeated blanket mass chemotherapy every 3 months (in conventional regimen), while the decrease was less marked or unrecognizable in 3-month (signle or two divided doses), 6-month, 12-month interval and placebo control groups.

From the results, it was concluded that, although mebendazole was not highly effective in individual treatment of T. trichiura infection, it was fairly useful in mass cotrol, by repeated mass chemotherapy every 3 months.


Fig. 1
Map showing the surveyed area for trichuriasis control, Gunja Myon, Siheung Gun, Gyeonggi Do, Korea.

Fig. 2
Cure and egg reduction rates of mebendazole in treatment of T. trichiura infection according to total dosages used.

Fig. 3
Comparative control efficacy of mebendazole on prevalence of T. trichiura infection according to interval and drug regimen of mass treatment.

Fig. 4
Comparative efficacy of mebendazole on the intensity of T. trichiura infection according to interval and drug regimen of mass treatment.


Table 1
The short-term efficacy of mebendazole in treatment of T. trichiura infection after 3 weeks

Table 2
The results of follow-up examinations on 3 and 7 weeks after treatment

Table 3
The pre-treatment result of stool examination in Siheung Gun for long-term observation of control efficacy by mebendazole

Table 4
Results of follow-up stool examinations for prevalence of T. trichiura after blanket repeated mass chemotherapy

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