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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1977 Jun;15(1):1-10. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1977.15.1.1
Copyright © 1977 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
Studies on the parasitic helminths of Korea IV. Intestinal trematodes from freshwater mud-turtle (Amyda sinensis Wiegmann) with description of new species, Cotylaspis coreensis
Seung-Yull Cho and Byong-Seol Seo
Department of Parasitology and Institute of Endemic Diseases, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea.

Cotylaspis coreensis sp. n., Cotylaspis sinensis Faust et Tang, 1936, Phyllodistomum parasiluri Yamaguti, 1934, Kaurma orientalis Yamaguti, 1937, Astiotrema reniferum (Looss, 1898), Astiotrema odhneri Bhalerao, 1936, Astiotrema sp. and Cephalogonimus japonicus Ogata, 1936 were collected from the intestine of freshwater mud-turtle, Amyda sinensis Wiegmann in Korea which were purchased at Namdaemoon Market of Seoul on October 1968 and May 1977.

Cotylaspis coreensis differs from other members of the genus in relatively large size of pharynx, the number and distribution of vitelline follicles, size of testis, length of intestine and position of genital opening. Distribution of Cotylaspis sinensis was firstly recorded in Korea.

Phyllodistomum parasiluri collected in this study was considered to be the first to recover from the reptilian host although the collected worms were still immatured.

The genus Astiotrema collected in this study were divided into three species, A. reniferum which is hitherto unrecorded in Korea, A. odhneri which had been described as A. orientale, A. amydae and A. fukuii and another Astiotrema sp. which differs from the former two species in minor differences in size of suckers, size of ova and size of cirrus pouch.

The distribution of Cephalogonimus japonicus was firstly recorded in Korea.


Figs. 1-5
Cotylaspis spp. from Korean mud-turle. 1.Cotylaspis coreensis proposed new species 2. Scheme of alveoli of ventral sucker of C. coreensis3. Seminal vesicle, cirrus pouch and metraterm of C. coreensis4. Marginal organ of C. coreensis5.Cotylaspis coreensis

Figs. 6-10
Trematodes from Korean mud-turtles. 6.Astiotrema reniferum7.Astiotrema odhneri8.Astiotrema sp. 9.Phyllodistomum parasiluri10.Cephalogonimus japonicus


Table 1
Measurements and descriptions of genus Cotylaspis (Dimension: mm)

Table 2
Data of measurements of Astiotrema spp. collected from Amyda sinensis in this study (Dimension in mm)

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