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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1970 Aug;8(2):67-70. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1970.8.2.67
Copyright © 1970 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
Susceptibility of cockroaches (Blattella germanica Linneaus) to various insecticides
Chul Hwan Cha,Ki Sun Ham,Young Il Lee,Sung Hoi Koo and Ryang Il Han
Department of Preventive Medicine and Institute of Topical Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea.

During the period from May to October 1969, the authors carried out a series of tests with the aim to ascertain the present status of susceptibility of adult cockraoches to various insecticides.

The tests on the susceptibility of cockroaches to dieldrin, D.D.V.P., Diazinon; Dibrom, Malathion and lindane were performed with the topical application and the residual film methods under the conditions of 26℃ and 80% of relative humidity. The insects tested were collected from Seoul City and were reared at the laboratory.

Some of the important results so far obtained can be summarized as follows:

1. The median lethal doses (LD-50) of the five insecticides against female adult cockroaches were: 0.40 µg/roach or 4.02 µg/body weight (gm) by Dieldrin, 0.29 µg/roach or 2.88 µg/body weight (gm) by D.D.V.P., 0.29 µg/roach or 2.96 µg/body weight (gm) by Diazinon, 0.54 µg/roach or 5.37 µg/body weight (gm) by Dibrom, and 2.96 µg/roach or 29.60 µg/body weight (gm) by Malathion. And those against male adult cockroaches were: 0.18 µg/roach or 3.29 µg/body weight (gm) by Dieldrin, 0.27 µg/roach or 4.89 µg/body weight (gm) by D.D.V.P., 0.16 µg/roach or 2.91 µg/body weight (gm) by Diazinon, 0.49 µg/roach or 8.97 µg/body weight (gm) by Dibrom, and 1.32 µg/roach or 24.19 µg/body weight (gm) by Malathion.

2. The level of susceptibility of adult cockroaches to the insecticides tested was 1.0-1.6 times higher as compared with the results obtained on the Japanese Takashi strain.

3. The median knockdown times (LT-50) of the female adult cockroaches by insectcides at 1% concentration of 3 mg per square centimetre were 1.82 hours by Malathion, 1.36 hours by Diazinon, 0.56 hours by Lindane, 0.50 hours by Dibrom, and 2.56 hours by D.D.V.P.

4. Amarked difference was seen to exist between the males and the females. The female cockroaches were more resistant than the male to Dieldrin, Diazinon and Malathion.


Fig. 1
Dosage-mortality regression lines of female adult cockroaches obtained by topical application of various insecticides.

Fig. 2
Dosage-mortality regression lines of male adult cockroaches obtained by topical application of various insecticides.


Table 1
The Median lethal doses of the 5 insecticides tested against adult cockroaches

Table 2
The Median lethal doses of the 5 insecticides tested against adult cockroaches

Table 3
Time-knockdown percent for female adult cockroaches exposed to residues of the inseticides on filter paper(3.6 mmg/cm2)

1. Menusam H. J Econ Ent 1948;41:302–313.
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