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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1967 Dec;5(3):147-151. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1967.5.3.147
Copyright © 1967 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
Supplementary notes on an abnormal Taenia sp. with double genital pores
Kee-Mok Cho,Chong-Hwan Kim and Chin-Thack Soh
Department of Parasitology, Yonsei University Medical College, Korea.

A complete but abnormal form of Taenia worm was obtained from an 18-year-old male student in Cheju Island, Korea, which has been known as a heavy endemic area of Taenia saginata and few of T. solium.

There was an apical hookless eminence in the scolex, longitudinal white line along the middle portion of entire strobila, double genital pores and several lateral buddings from the strobila.

It was considered an abnormal form of Taenia species, probably T. saginata.


Fig. 1
Entire strobila. Note the lateral budding at the tip of needles.

Fig. 2
Scolex. ×40 E: Apical eminence.

Fig. 3
Cross section of immatured proglottid. ×40 T: Tube-like holes.

Fig. 4
Cross section of matured proglottid. ×100 U: Uterus T: Tube-like hole

Fig. 5
Tube-like hole in matured proglottid and calcareous bodies in parenchyma. ×400

Fig. 6
Cross sectioned proglottid. ×100 U: Uterus with eggs.

Fig. 7a
Gravid proglottides. ×40

Fig. 7b
Sketch of 8a.

G: Genital pore T: Tube-like hole U: Uterine branches W: Central white line

Fig. 8
Gravid proglottides.

Fig. 9
Egg. ×400

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