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Original Article
Korean J Parasitol. 1964 Jun;2(1):35-40. English.
Published online Mar 20, 1994.  http://dx.doi.org/10.3347/kjp.1964.2.1.35
Copyright © 1964 by The Korean Society for Parasitology
A new second intermediat host of genus Paragonimus
Chin-Thack Soh,Keun-Tae Lee,Yung-Kyum Ahn and Yon-Ho Lee
Department of Parasitology, College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Korea.

1. Metacercariae were found from 6 samples among 4,382 Parlemon nipponensis which were caught at Podu, Kohung, Korea.

2. The metacercaria was inclined as a larval stage of Paragonimus westermani by following reason;

i) Semisulcospira libertina was the only one species which lives in Podu area.

ii) No other metacercaria except Paragonimus westermani were found from the craw or cray fish which were caught in the endemic aera.

iii) Metacercariae, ovary, testes and cuticular spines resmbled the characteristics of Paragonimus westermani, which have been described by previous workers.


Fig. 1
Location of Podu, Kohung, Korea.

Fig. 2
Palaemon nipponensis. ½×

Fig. 3
Metacercaria. 120×

Fig. 4
60 days old adult paragonimus (Borax-carmin stain). 8×

Fig. 5
35 days old immature worm (Semichon's carmin stain). 14×

Fig. 6
Cuticular spines.

Fig. 7
Ovary. a....... photo, b......sketch

Fig. 8
Testes. a......photo, b......sketch


Table 1
Incidence of metacercariae of genus: Paragonimus in several Crustacea

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